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Training for English Tests

Training Students for Tests 
Nowadays however, the profile of students taking English assessment tests has broadened. There are still those preparing to study abroad, but many students are simply leaving the country, or enjoy the opportunity to do their MBA, a sandwich doctorate or a fellowship abroad. I have trained many highly skilled professionals from the areas for which Canada is offering visas. Along with these, I also have encountered professionals who simply do a CAE or CPE exam to be better qualified for the workplace, and even young students from local schools where Cambridge tests are required.

Since our company approaches the training providing individual classes, our students have had very satisfactory test results. But there are a few challenges involved in training students for tests. Often, the skill sets an English speaker has acquired in a language school are different from those used in assessment tests. I have found that much of the English training in Brazil is bas…

Learn the most common words to talk about corruption

Learn the most common words to talk about corruption
Conheça os termos mais usados para falar sobre corrupção

Appeal-recurso (jurídico) Bribe- suborno, propina Capital flight- fuga de capital Criminal conspiracy- Formação de quadrilha Denunciation- Denúncia Embezzlement- apropriação indébita Grand corruption- corrupção política Inside information- informação  privilegiada Kickback- suborno visto do ponto de vista de quem recebe Petty corruption- corrupção burocrática Money laundering- lavagem de dinheiro Misconduct of office- improbabilidade administrativa Operation car wash -Operação lava jato Overcharge (vb) – cobrar a mais Overbilling- superfaturamento de serviços Price-gouging (n)- superfaturar um item que está escasso ou em falta Pain and Suffering – danos morais Plea Bargain- delação premiada Peculation- peculato House arrest- Prisão domiciliar Racketeering- crime organizado que pratica extorsão Shell company- empresa de fachada Tax Evasion- evasão fiscal

How to learn English and get beyond “to be” Como Aprender inglês e superar o “to be”
“To be or not to be, that is the question” Shakespeare
The other day, one of our students told us that she started several English courses, and never got beyond “to be”. That got me thinking… what can we do to help our students get beyond “to be” and what can our students do? Well, there's the obvious, follow our blog, read our tips on Facebook and Instagram, do your homework, don’t miss classes… But there are other much more important tricks that will help you: First of all, stop saying  “I hate English”. Instead, wake up in the mornings and say “Good morning, I love English!” Buy a coffee mug for the office that has something written on it- in English! Talk to yourself in English at home, think out loud. Learn your favourite English songs and sing along, or under the shower. Write a journal. This way, you can see your progress in English and remember all your boyfriends and girlfriends. Use post-its with w…

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