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Telephone English

Mongy´s questions about English

by Christa Maas Have you met Mongy on Well, if you haven´t, why don´t you go visit him there?

Mongy asks me a lot of questions every day, especially about English. You see, Mongy was born in Brazil. Just last week he had two very important questions:

MONGY:  Where does the word "wedding" come from?

ENGLISH COACH: The word wedding comes from "betting" (English) or "wetten" (German) which means "apostar". Can you imagine!

MONGY: Where do the names of the English week days come from?

ENGLISH COACH: There are names with Roman origin and Nordic origin, which were brought to England by the Vikings.
Roman origin:
Saturday (Saturn-day)
Sunday (Sun-day)
Monday (Moon-day)
The others are of Nordic origin. Odin was the god of the Vikings. See:
Tuesday= Tyr (try´s -day) was one of Odin´s sons
Wednesday (Woden's-day) Odin= Woden
Thursday (Thor's-day) , named in honour of Thor, the god of thunder. ( trovão)
Friday ( Frigg's…

Habilidade = "ability" e "skill?

by Christa Maas Mongy (  asks me questions about English all the time:

MONGY: "What is the difference between Skill and Ability?"
(Qual é a diferença entre "ability" e "skill?)

ENGLISH COACH: A SKILL is the acquired or learnt capacity or talent to obtain pre-determined results, often done with the minimum of time or energy, or both.

( Skill  é a capacidade aprendida ou talento de obter resultados predeterminados, freqüentemente com o mínimo esforço de tempo, energia ( ou ambos)=  no português similar a "competência")

Leadership, self-motivation, time- management and teamwork are some examples for skills.

(Liderança, auto- motivação, trabalho em equipe, capacidade de administrar o seu tempo são exemplos)

ABILITY INCLUDES SKILL along with intelligence, aptitude and expertise.

Habilidade inclui "skill", (capacidade aprendida) além de inteligência, aptidão e expertise.

Expressões utilizadas – área comercial-Expressions used in the commercial department

by Christa Maas ENGLISH COACH: Here are some useful tips for those of you who work in the commercial department:

Agradecemos o envio da sua cotação, porém no momento não fabricamos o produto solicitado.

We thank you for sending us your quotation. However, at the moment we do not manufacture the requested product.

Indicamos consultar as revendas/distribuidores de nossos produtos.

We suggest that your contact our sales representatives/distributors to obtain details about our products.

Ofertamos em alternativa os cabos......, diâmetro.....

As alternatives we are able to offer the following cable: (name) with a diameter of (…)

As informações/dados enviadas são insuficientes para elaboração da proposta. Favor informar:
-Tipo de blindagem de cabo
- Diâmetro do cabo
- Especificações técnicas
- Numero de Norma

We are unable to make a proposal because of insufficient information/data. Please supply the following:

- Type of cable armour/shielding
- Cable diameter
- Technical specifications ( data she…