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Practising numbers

by Christa Maas Não é tão difícil lidar com números grandes em Inglês. E questão de prática.
Aqui têm uma dica. Faça uma tabela como esta.

     Number               1.22 12.22 100.22 365.02 1.425.13 20.111.11 345.678.90 1.678.902.23 16.234.567.89  625.999.893.88  Billion

Jogos para aprender Inglês

by Christa Maas Para quem está aprendendo Inglês há muitos sites com conteúdo grátis na Internet. Entre os melhores estão os sites da BBC que sempre recomendo:

O site BBC Learning English é ideal para alunos intermediários-avançados. A BBC também tem recursos para alunos de nível básico. Para quem quer treinar pronomes on-line recomendo Jogo pronouns e os Jogos bitesize.

Para as crianças também existem boas opções, alguns aplicativos com jogos educativos são boas excelentes ferramentas para o aprendizado dos pequenos : Edukitty

Quem matou o rei? Who did it?

Who did it?
by Christa Maas In a castle there lived a king with his wife and their servants (empregados). The king, the queen and their servants had been living in the castle for 17 years.  One morning the king was found dead (foi achadomorto). He had been murdered (assassinado). When the residents of the castle were interrogated by the police, every person gave three answers of which one was a lie (mentira). This is the police report: (boletim de ocorrência) 1.      The Queen said I didn’t kill my husband. I’m innocent. Our gardener killed my husband
2.     The Gardener (o jardineiro) The Queen was lying when she says that I did it. I am not guilty. The butler is the murderer.
3.      The Maid (a empregada) I didn’t do it. The gardener did it. I wasn’t even here last night.
4.      The Butler (o mordomo) I didn´t murder the king. The king was killed by the cook. I was helping the maid in the kitchen. She is my witness. (testemunha)
5.       The Cook (o cozinheiro/ a cozinheira) It definitely wasn´t…

Superlatives and Comparatives- Exercises

Superlatives and Comparatives- Exercises

by Christa Maas 1: Give the comparative form for each of the adjectives listed. Russian is a more difficult language than English. I think Maria is happier now than three months ago. Could you open the door, please? It's getting much hotter in this room than I like. interesting ___________ strong ___________ funny ___________ important ___________ beautiful ___________ big ___________ small ___________ polluted ___________ boring ___________ angry ___________ good _____________ bad ______________
2: Give the superlative form for each of the adjectives listed. Brazil is the most beautiful country in South America. His biggest dream is to buy a yacht. He is the happiest person in our office. interesting ___________ strong ___________ funny ___________ important ___________ beautiful ___________ big ___________ small ___________ polluted ___________ boring ___________ angry ___________

How to improve your pronunciation- Como melhorar sua pronúncia

by Christa Maas Dica da semana para os alunos de nível básico:

Para melhorar a sua pronuncia de inglês , entre no youtube no seguinte link: (received pronunciation)

For advanced English speakers I highly recommend an excellent training tool for advanced English speakers like yourself. The themes are challenging and intelligent and you have a subtitle and transcript option, so you can read along while you are listening. Additionally, you have a variety of topics and speakers to chose from, so you will not get bored.

....and for fun, listen to a British and an American accent with a bit of humour. (or humor :0))

.......E para se divertir, escute um sotaque britânico e americano.
(Queens English and a bit of Cockney English)
(American English----oh my god!)